Why Breatharians Continue Eating Food

Do you ever wonder why someone who no longer needs to eat doesn’t just stop eating entirely?

If you are really a breatharian, inedic — someone who no longer needs to eat food to live — why do you continue eating the occasional (or daily) fruit, chocolate, bag of crisps or Daddy Donkey?

I have a backlog of reader messages to respond to, and I hope to get to these over the next few days. I’ve had friends visiting from overseas and then, chicken pox.  Oh yes, for the third time in my life.  Weee!  So much for the new age bollocks that if you keep your vibration “high”, or whatever, sickness cannot touch you, you’ll never age, never get mugged, certainly never get a traffic ticket.  It was a very mild case of chicken pox, but still.

A reader writes:

“Are there any Breatharians who don’t eat anything? I mean, so many of the ones I see online eat like Jasmuheen says she eats chocolate sometimes and this couple who give initiations and workshops on becoming breatharian eat fruit every day.  They eat every day? If the body doesn’t need food, why are they eating?”

I suspect that a lot of people who claim to be breatharian are lying or delusional. Which isn’t to say that this phenomenon doesn’t exist.

But assuming it is possible for some people to live without food, the reader poses a great question.

To understand this, one should consider why anyone eats, whether they are inedic or not.

If you consider what the average person eats in a day, it becomes very clear that they are not simply eating to nourish themselves or survive.  If it was merely a matter of keeping the body nourished and running, most people would eat less, they wouldn’t eat empty calories, wouldn’t be concerned about how their food looked and the whole category of foods we think of as desserts would cease to exist. Why do you eat?  Why does anybody eat?

Eating food is a form of alchemy.  We don’t think of it that way, but it is absolutely a way we shift and move energy. If you are an inedic moving to a non-eating lifestyle, you’ll need to find other ways to meet the needs that you currently satisfy with food.

Emotional gratification, self-soothing

For most people, food is linked with emotions.  Many people eat to alleviate stress, boredom, sadness, dissatisfaction with their circumstances, shove down anger, process hurt feelings. If you are inedic, you probably no longer experience the need to use food this way.

Shifting between daily cycles, rhythms

Your hormones fluctuate throughout the day and eating is often what we use to shift gears, as it were, between one biorhythm and the next. If you are an inedic transitioning to not eating, then you will need to factor this in and find some other ways to shift gears. Make a note of the times of day you feel the pull to eat.  Those are the times of day you’ll need to proactively do things that help you move from one cycle to the next.  You can take a walk, do some gentle stretches, close your eyes and do a 15 minute breathing exercise. Whatever works for you.  But it is going to have to be another form of alchemy, of energy transformation and movement.  Also, it should take up the same amount of time you would have normally devoted to eating or having that 2pm coffee and cookie, or whatever.  It’s not by chance that it takes us a certain amount of time to eat lunch and a certain amount of time to eat snacks/coffee, and that these are usually pretty consistent.

Sensual pleasure

The way we approach food can be used very much like sex.  We fantasize about it, in amazingly vivid detail. We build up a desire for it, a craving for it, we set the mood and scene for it (if you are setting a nice table for dinner, for instance). And then we savor it.  We have our rituals.  We are satisfied for a while, until the whole process starts again. Aside from the sex thing, food is a primary way in which we experience basic sensuality. And for those of us who are really into food, like chefs or food connoisseurs, this channel for sensuality is very developed and nuanced.

For many inedics, food will still be a source of sensual pleasure.  If you are switching over to non-eating, recognize that you might need to develop other outlets for sensual enjoyment.  Ideally, you will do this regularly, daily, just as you used to with food.  What is sensual to you?  Do you want to look at art, fill your house with flowers, sit on your deck and drink in all the colors and textures of the trees and plants around you? Invest in some good speakers and listen to music? Enjoy fragrant herb teas in beautiful mugs?

And if you were a big foodie, it’s kind of like being a nerd.  You used to get all geeked out over this or that aspect of food. You will likely need to find somewhere else to channel that food-nerd energy.

Absorbing extra time

Extra time?  What’s that? Who has “extra” time in the modern world? When you switch to a non-eating lifestyle, you may very well know what I’m talking about.  Your day is suddenly a whole lot longer than it used to be, and while that seems like it would be fantastic, it can be a bit offputting until you get used to it.

Socializing, celebrating and being festive

When you embrace a non-eating lifestyle, it will become starkly clear that pretty much all socializing and celebrating is centered around food or drinking (and by that, I’m not talking about water or an herb tisane). All the places you used to go for ambiance or the best view are restaurants or bars.  If you travel, this gets to be a drag.  All these cool places you hear about are food or alcohol related.  I should start an inedic bar that has a fantastic atmosphere and decor, with an oxygen and natural perfume menu.  You could sit and enjoy it with friends, order some air and a crystal decanter filled with freshly picked jasmine flowers, which you would open and smell from time to time.  Like sipping scent.

You’ll need to rearrange your social life a bit if you are going zero food. Also, we need to celebrate and be festive, so find other ways of doing that.


This is huge.  Everyone uses food to ground, but if you are suddenly running huge energies as most inedics are, you will be drawn to food just to ground or slow the process or lower your frequency.  This is a very crude tool.  It would be great to have a dial that you could adjust when things were just a bit too much, but a slice of cherry pie a la mode will also do the trick.

Are you using food to slow or lower your energy? If you choose to live without eating food, you might quickly find yourself in the stratosphere.  There are other tools for grounding, but few are as powerful and immediate as a pint of mint and chip.

These are just some of the main ways in which we use food that have absolutely nothing to do with our nutritional requirements. I can’t say why Jasmuheen eats chocolate or why the other couple you mentioned eats fruit every day, but it may very well be for one of these reasons. For those of you who are moving to a non-eating lifestyle, you should be aware of the many other ways you’ve been using food because you will still likely have those needs.  It isn’t simply about needing to eat food to live or not.  You’ll have the easiest transition if you know what these other needs are and make clear alternative arrangements to meet them.


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  1. For a person that led a “normal” life (working, eating, drinking, socializing, etc) To have a sudden awakening that showed the true affects of food is startling!! For those that never request this phenomena, and then have it happen to/through them, is like Not fair?! And those monks that spend years meditating for years actually TRYING to achieve this? What a silly world! And yes, ice cream is awesome. I pretty much had to train my mind and body to accept eating again and not be so affected (physically and emotionally). It takes lots of conscious effort. It’s sooo much easier for me to sit and meditate under a tree, no food or water, and go into complete bliss. But whatever.
    Thanks for the post

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