System Slowdown: The Breatharian Metabolism

The reluctant inedic is going all in.

As you know from my previous post on spontaneous inedia as a side effect of sudden spiritual enlightenment, I’ve been eating once a day for some years now, after being told that if I did not eat occasionally, my intestines would cease to function.  So it was a use it or lose it situation, with the other, unappealing option being the administration of greasy enemas.  Easy choice!

Lately I have been less interested in eating for the sake of maintaining the ability to eat.  I’ve also been more willing to accept the social consequences of becoming a non-eater. And after these years of seeing how people react to the fact that I only eat once a day, believe me, the consequences will be huge.

I don’t live in an ashram and I don’t wear a turban and a floaty white robe and I haven’t changed my name to something Eastern-sounding.  You, my readers, know all these things about me whilst most of the people I see every day have no idea.  I am the Bodhi In The Closet.  So it’s not like I’m going to send my regrets in response to luncheon invitations by explaining I’m a Breatharian.  And actually, I hate that term because it is associated with some really strange people.

I think it now takes me two full days to actually digest one meal.  I have a lot of energy and need little sleep, so my entire metabolism is not slow.  It’s just my digestion.  And food feels more and more foreign to me. It would be a great relief to just stop.

While I used to look at lettuce and kale and spinach as delicious, they now appear to me as just leaves, the way you might think of leaves on an oak tree.  Why do I want to eat leaves? Well, I don’t!  There is nothing appealing or edible about them.  So something has shifted in my perception of foods.

My ideal would be to swim in the warm ocean at sunrise and sunset, and wear very little clothing so I could absorb more through my skin, assuming a relatively unpolluted environment.  Since I don’t live in a place like that, I will use my heart.  Our hearts are attuned to the frequencies of the sun, and we can use that, along with the breath, to draw in a great deal of sustenance.


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  1. I’m going through the same thing. I actually dry fasted for seven days and then changed my mind… now my metabolism is so slow and i put on weight. Strange life.

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