Becoming Peerless

Are you at the mercy of your thoughts, emotions and programming? 

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Practical guidance and effective techniques to master the mind & emotions. Finally get clear of the programming that keeps you in a state of dependence, infancy and confusion.


What are the obstacles to becoming Peerless?

Lack of Mentors

How many people have you ever met who were Peerless? It’s so uncommon that you may have never even considered it a possibility, let alone a natural stage of human development. Regardless of chronological age or worldly achievement, most people remain in an unnaturally arrested state of human development—which makes it seem perfectly normal.

The Programs are Smart

The programs you are in thrall to are self protective, so they will actively prevent you from making progress. You’ve felt it before in the form of resistance, distraction and boredom. You’re familiar with this pattern. When you start making progress, you experience resistance. Or you come across some other teaching or program, and abandon your course to chase something shiny and new. Or you just become overwhelmed with boredom. 


The entire society you live in is created to keep you in thrall. Even people you are close to will become very uncomfortable and try to get you back in the box. It’s not their fault, it’s just the way the system works. You have to really want this, because no one else in your life wants this for you. Everything is stacked against you. When you start making progress you will be simply astounded at how much blowback you get—from the most unexpected places.


Assume authority of your own life. Exercise personal agency and act from a position of sovereignty.

It’s intensive work, but once you learn the techniques, they become part of your toolkit for life.

Clearing Your Personal Space

This course is designed to help you become familiar with your emotional and mental bodies, and provide techniques and support for keeping them clear of emotional debris and thought fragments.


The next course in the series deals with thoughts. You will become familiar with different kinds of thinking, investigate where they come from and learn to identify and arrest looping and mechanistic thought patterns.


The third course in this beginner’s series is about your emotional body. Identifying your own emotions vs other kinds of emotions. Learning to neutralize emotional debris.

I can’t think of anything more worthy of a person’s time, commitment and earnestness than getting free of programming and becoming one’s own authority.

I’m starting with courses that are very basic, designed for the beginner, as most people are. Each course will build on the knowledge and experience of the previous courses, so they must be taken in order. Courses consist of weekly audio lessons, plus a group Q&A. Once you’ve completed these we can move into more advanced techniques and topics. 

The cost is $100 per month.




Important things to consider

  • You’ll get back exactly what you put into this work, so please be prepared to commit to it.
  • These courses are not a substitute for psychiatric or psychological care. If you have mental health issues or are under the care of a mental health professional, check with them prior to embarking on this series.
  • If you have substance abuse issues, you need to deal with that. You will not benefit at all from these courses if you are taking drugs (and yes, that includes cannabis).


Her clarity, wisdom, compassion and true understanding of how to live an authentic and successful life is unsurpassed. From our sessions together, I have learned so much about emotion, motivation, decision-making, staying centered, and most importantly, how to apply her techniques to my unique personality and life circumstances.


I have been a follower of Modern Awakenings for some months now and have found Lilith’s columns and advice on how to deal with the very disorienting nature of awakening, Very Helpful. Recently she provided an audio exercise that I have used to great success. I was a little skeptical as I listened to the audio that such a simple exercise could help rid me of my constant stream of monkey mind thoughts, not to mention the remnants of transgressions long since passed. Little by little I felt less encumbered by the constant clutter of mindless musings.

I now use this tool as soon as I find myself lost in useless mind wandering, attempting to fix what isn’t broken.