Siddhis Psychic Transfer Through Touch

For those of you who have experienced sudden enlightenment, psychic powers or abilities may appear without any forewarning.

Psychic abilities come in many forms, each requiring their own adjustments.  Being able to read a person’s mind after touching them can seem like more of a curse than a gift.

After my sudden enlightenment, many unusual and miraculous things started happening.  To say I developed siddhis would not really be accurate, since they happened all at once, rather than becoming stronger, or developing, over time.

There is much to be admired about the gradual approach!  Nobody told me I would receive instant and very powerful downloads of information from people upon touching them. It made the social handshake a sometimes shocking experience.

To give one particularly vivid example, I’ll tell you about a holiday party I attended about 6 months after my sudden enlightenment.

There were perhaps 50 people attending this party, and it was hosted by my yoga teacher, who throws marvelous parties.  Everyone there was connected through yoga, music or food—my yoga teacher’s passions.

A friend of mine wanted to introduce me to her colleague, who was described to me as someone deeply involved on a spiritual path.  The moment I shook her hand, I heard her spirit tell me, “I’m a sex addict.”  I then felt a very dark energy swirl around for a bit, and this energy forcefully showed me images of how this addiction played out for her.

This all happened in a fraction of a second. The woman seemed perfectly normal, was successful, attractive and very respected in her field.  I believe I was able to keep my surprise from showing, since the evening continued on without incident.

When I left the party with my friend, I told her what had happened.  Her eyes opened wide as she confided that the woman was in fact in a 12 step program for sex addicts.

This brings up a few questions.  First, who told me this woman was a sex addict?  She clearly was not consciously aware of having passed this information to me. And yet, there was an intelligent force on the other end of the communication. It was very important for ‘it’ to make this known to me.  Was it her spirit self?  Her soul self?  I have experienced this countless times now, and there is always one thing in common: the person or spirit or whatever, wants me to know the information being passed.  It’s not like I touch someone and pick up what they ate for breakfast, or even something loaded, like the last fight they were in.

It’s always something very specific.

The second question is, why?  Why do I need to know these things?  I still don’t know.  The information never seems to have anything to do with me.

If you are experiencing sudden powerful siddhis, you know it can be unsettling.  As for the psychometry, I have learned to listen and acknowledge the information being passed (internally, of course), and then let it drop.  I don’t worry about the content of the communication so much anymore. I’ve spent enough time being floored over that!

The one thing to learn is that you may not need to do anything with the information at all.  It seems to me that beings, including spirit or soul selves, will speak to me because they can, because I can hear them.

It’s also good to get really clear on what has been said to you out loud and what has been passed to you by the siddhi power.  For a while, I could not tell the difference very well, since the person’s spirit self actually speaks to me in the person’s voice.  For a long time, it seemed the same.

It’s kind of like if a good friend came to you in a very vivid dream and told you they bought a red Honda Civic.  When you wake up from that very realistic dream, you feel like it is a memory.  And when they drive up to take you for a ride, it all blends together, seems natural.

So it’s good to be able to tell the difference very clearly.  People can feel very unsettled around this sort of thing.  I try to explain to people that I’m not reading their minds. I make no effort to do it and, in fact, have NO wish to know these things.  It’s really more like the person is pushing this information on me.  It’s clear that the only information that gets passed is what they really want me to know, on some level.

Well, does all this sound difficult and socially awkward?  It is!  If this, or something similar, is happening to you, you are not alone.  And it gets better over time.

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  1. Harsha says:

    I have been ,without my knowledge been passing every thought i have to each and every person i pass by. Be it some vendor, my friends, my driver, anyone. It feels like my thought is really fired up and anyone can hear it. People can sense me coming, or being around, and when they are looking somewhere else,if i look at them and think what they are doing, they suddenly turn back and look at me. People take me as a weird person now, and smile and laugh when they see me, not infront of me but i feel it. 🙁 .

  2. Amber says:

    I have full congnitive control over mine I can send and receive thoughts,feelings and visions at first I needed to touch the other person but now I need only think of them.

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