Q&A: Advice for Going Back to Work and Making Money

A reader asks the following question about getting back to work and earning money after an intense spiritual awakening.

Q: It has been over a year after full awakening. I have been spending most of the time sleeping and zoning out but now I need to get back to work and earn some money which seems fairly incomprehensible! Do you have any suggestions?

A: I certainly understand where you are coming from.  I think I should start the Ultra Sane Employment Agency, where businesses can hire people who’ve had their systems spiritually defragged. That sounds like a great comic strip, but actually it would be a much needed service, considering how many people are now going through this.

1) You’ve stabilized.  The first part is very intense, but it does even out after a while. It is likely that you’ve reached a plateau and are now ready to integrate into a new life.  But most likely it’s not over. You’ll integrate and then a whole new wave of Ultra Sanity will swell up under you and you’ll need to ride it. You’ll be better at doing that the second, third, fourth time, etc.  It may not require “couch time”. It seems there is nothing left to delete and reconfigure, but the process goes on, each time in a more subtle energetic space.  But the first time is the most challenging in some ways and that’s why you’ve been on the sofa.

2) You may be more effective at any given job since you are not being distracted by your own projections or ground down by the stress of taking it, or yourself, seriously.

3) Depending on the work that you do, you may need to interface with people who are totally immersed in the Matrix. Therefore you’ll need to fake it.  If you glide about preternaturally unaffected by the stress and striving that people believe holds the universe together, it won’t go well for you.  At first people may feel calmer around you, but after a while it will just be uncomfortable for them. You can easily fake it by pretending to be worried or concerned about something, or, if you experience a failure of some sort, pretend you are affected by it. Just a little. It doesn’t take much to satisfy others that you are being equally buffeted about by the vagaries of life.

Problems and effort are the currency of Matrix interactions.  So complain once in a while. Appear to be disappointed by circumstances once in a while.  Throw them a bone and they’ll gladly chew it for longer than you could imagine.  It doesn’t take much to blend in, if necessary.

4) Do something you enjoy.  Nothing about your life at this point needs to look like, or refer back to, the life you had before, unless you want it to. Do you want to return to the same kind of work?  How much money do you need to be comfortable?

5) Use magic.  Yeah, that sounds weird, but you’re probably figuring out just how weird this reality is.  When I first went through this process, I had a lot to take care of, not just myself.  My monthly number was pretty huge. I did the numbers and found out just how much I needed to keep everything afloat.  In that clear space of not grasping, not needing, not caring, I just saw clearly that this was the number.  What happened after was interesting. I did not have a job per se, yet every month I received exactly that number. Not more and not less.  It was always within a couple hundred dollars of that number.  It came in all kinds of forms, and some were very unexpected.

This doesn’t work in the way people fantasize it does.  It’s not like that whole visualizing, manifesting nonsense.  It doesn’t come when there is fear or any sense of lack or any sense that you have to make it happen or any sense of effort.  It’s just a matter of defining the number, and knowing that it will happen or not happen, and everything will still be fine. It’s being able to define the number in a space outside of hope of it or fear of the lack of it or the confusion of believing you are the doer of anything.  It’s just a clear seeing, defining, or distinguishing.  Whatever you want to call it. But you don’t need to visualize it happening or affirm it or perform any of that efforting.  You just know the number and then go about your business.

Money starts coming to you.  Doors open.  Opportunities arise.  Your job is only to be open, don’t tell yourself any stories about how things should look or be…zero narration on your part.  Be willing to work.  Be willing to not work and receive anyway.  Be willing.  Be flexible and fluid with what arises. Remain curious. Don’t buy into the cause and effect cycle.

6) Don’t try to explain to yourself or anyone else how things are happening. You can receive money and resources in many ways, most of which you can’t imagine at the moment.  But if things start happening, there may be an inner or outer pressure to explain it, tell a story about it, justify it or figure out how it works.  Don’t.

7) What does your heart want?  Sure, there is money that you need to live, but just focusing on that and getting some job to make that amount is not the only way to go.  Check in with your feelings.  For instance, when I consider money, I feel what conditions would be wonderful and joyous for me. I enjoy inspiring or helping or teaching people.  I enjoy the freedom to work anywhere in the world and not be tied to one location.  I like meeting people and travelling.  When I consider those general conditions, I feel great.

When I consider doing basically the same thing day after day, indoors, in the same location, at a desk, that does not fill me with joy and excitement. So those opportunities may be around me all the time, but I never actually see them or consider them as options.  They just don’t exist for me.  Whatever I do tends to conform to those general qualities that bring me joy: freedom, travel, helping people, sharing information and exploring.

Don’t just check in with what’s on your CV and then see what matches you can find in the employment ads.  Check in with your feelings.  What general conditions make you feel joyful and excited?  Is it to be around people, or work alone?  Is it to have the stability of working in the same place, or do you prefer to wander?  Do you like working on one project or one subject long term, or do you like to work intensely on one thing and then move on to another?  Do you like to work online in the virtual space or out in the field?

Check in with your feelings.  It’s better for everyone on this planet if you work or expend your energy in conditions that are generally exciting and fulfilling for you. That may end up being a revitalized and updated version of what you used to do, or it may look nothing at all like it.

Kinds of money

Earn it.

Money you apparently “earn” by exchanging some of your energy (time, goods, services). This can take the form of a job, a business where you sell a physical thing, or a business where you sell a service, such as massage or landscaping.  People tend to favor this as “how things work”, or their established reality.  The “I give you this, you give me that” model is what we mostly feel comfortable with and fits our model of having to earn money and having to deserve it through effort.

Money you receive without an exact exchange of your time or physical things, such as gains from trading equities or FX.  You do still need to show up, but it’s not a tit for tat equation.  You could “work” 20 minutes four days a week and make a million dollars a year.  You could work ten hours a day at it and make the same or less.  The effort is not really correlated with the outcome.

Royalty or rents.

Money you receive without really doing much of anything.  This can include finding money, inheriting it, benefiting from a class action lawsuit, winning a lottery or being given money in the form of cash, grants or a stipend.  There are as many interesting ways to receive money without any effort as there are to earn it. We just don’t usually pay any attention to this category, or we consider it too far fetched to take seriously. Even though a windfall is an exciting idea, most people secretly disdain effortless money as lazy or for people who don’t have the character and discipline to get out there and make a living.  No one approves of a person who gets the bulk of their money without earning it. Earning money enhances the sense of self, and the ego loves it!

I love the saying, “nothing worth having comes easily.” How sad!  If someone dropped a million dollars on your front doorstep, is that money not worth having…or maybe it would be if they asked you to do something horrible or really hard to keep it?  This kind of thinking denies the whole of life, which demonstrates every moment of every day that many astonishingly precious things and experiences are free and come so naturally that we don’t even think of them as easy or hard.  Who came up with the idea that struggle makes us worthy?  We exist and so we are worthy.

Receiving resources that are valuable but don’t come as direct cash.

This can include all kinds of things, like interest free loans, free or drastically reduced rent, free tools or furniture because someone is moving in a hurry…this category is full of variety and infinite possibility.  I have personally given away over 100 paintings to someone in the hopes they could sell them and benefit from them, when I had to move and didn’t want the burden of dealing with them anymore.

Whatever you need at the moment, there is someone out there who would be happy to give it to you, not out of charity, but because it would benefit them in some way.  You may not be able to imagine why a virtual stranger would agree to give a car to you, but I’ve actually seen this happen.  I’ve been both the recipient and the donor of incredibly valuable things.  Open your mind.  The world of possibility is so much larger and richer than you can compute.

Receiving money one way is really no more likely than receiving it another way, except for your deeply held assumptions about the ways in which it should come.

Wealth and money resources

Here are some books or resources that might help you approach money in a more open way…money is not real, it is just a kind of energy.   I’ll keep adding things here as I find them. If you have anything to recommend, do share it.  I’m not really big on the self help genre, and I think their treatment of money and wealth can be pretty hokey, but the important thing is not necessarily to follow all their suggestions, but rather to allow your perspectives and unexamined expectations to expand and shift.

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