Are people in your life figments of your imagination?

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A dialogue about co-extended being; the journey from externalized questions to what’s immediate and true for you in the moment; how we unknowingly idealize All That Is/the GodHead/or whatever you want to call it; feelings of connection vs disconnection.

What’s That Sound?

Who knew that sudden spiritual awakening would have its own soundtrack? If you’re one of the growing number of people who experience sudden spiritual enlightenment,… Read more

Vision and Prophecy

Visions; seeing the future; second sight; intuitive medical diagnosis; clairaudience…these are just a few faculties that you may have suddenly gained after an enlightenment experience… Read more

They May Not (they do not) Understand You

And yet we keep talking. Why bother? Hands up, who here is enlightened? You? Okay, good. This is for you, then. Pull up a chair… Read more

Confessions of a Geosensitive

Siddhis From Hell. Today we had a powerful earthquake off the coast of California. I reflected gratefully upon the fact that I did not feel… Read more

After Spiritual Awakening I Don’t Recognize Myself in the Mirror

About six months after the Big Bang, Triple Rainbow spiritual enlightenment I found myself in a Paris holiday flat looking into the mirror at someone… Read more

How to Avoid Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Banishing negativity from your energy field: how to conquer negative emotions for good! “After doing all this spiritual work, why am I still not able… Read more

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"We’ve gotten into the habit of always wanting what’s next. We bring this consumeristic approach to spirituality as well. We learn something, file it away, and want what’s next. The next teaching, the next guru, the next spiritual blogger, the next method, the next initiation, a longer retreat, another psychedelic shamanic journey. We want what’s next when we haven’t even become intimate with the teaching or the experience or the knowledge that is right in front of us." continue reading