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What is the Members Workshop? How is it different from Modern Awakenings?

Do you need help navigating Life? I help people find clarity when they’re stuck in spiritual limbo, when their minds are working overtime to keep them distracted with spiritual abstractions, or when they finally are enlightened and find that integrating this massive spiritual shift is not so easy. In the Members Workshop, members bring up issues they’re having trouble with and we work them out, via the Q&A dialogue. This is a space where I can give ongoing, personal attention to what’s important and relevant to you right now. Through the Members Workshop, I can engage in personal mentorship with a limited number of people.

Workshop Membership

Members have access to all materials and features in the Members Workshop. They are also able to ask me questions and engage in an ongoing dialogue about issues that confuse them, or places they feel stuck. Members are able to comment on my posts as well as other Member dialogues.

I only deal with live questions in the Members Workshop. Please refer to this post if you want to know what I mean by this. I reserve this space—and my time—for rolling up my sleeves and getting to work on real issues, stripping rhwm down to the essence and unraveling the mental ball of string you may not even know you are carrying around. 



Is membership right for you?





The Workshop isn’t right for everyone.

If you are very sensitive, religious or committed to a set of beliefs, it’s not for you. I am not politically correct, nor am I spiritually correct. I am direct. If you’re looking for someone to confirm your belief system, this is not the place for you.

The Workshop is for people who are smart, spiritually mature and ready to shift. That last part is really important. If you’re not ready to let go of beliefs, thought patterns and emotional traps, the Workshop is not for you. I reserve my attention for people who are ready and willing to move forward, to move from one insight to another as they gain clarity—not for people who are committed to going around and around in an endless loop.

Membership includes the Workshop, Newsletter & Courses.


Member Access

Members Workshop
This is a separate members-only site where Members come to work with me in the Q&A format. What’s keeping you stuck? What do you need to move past or see beyond? In the Workshop we go in depth on topics that matter to you. All Members can see what other Members are working on, and comment. 

Special Courses
Are you ready to deprogram, to develop personal sovereignty? Members get access to course materials in the Peerless Series.

Subscriber’s Newsletter
Insights, techniques and inspiration direct to your inbox Monday, Wednesday & Friday.



Mental Health
I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. This is not crisis counseling and the Workshop is not the place to address serious mental health or substance abuse issues. I do not discuss inedia in the Workshop.

Membership Is Limited
It takes a lot of time and focus to address the questions and issues of each Member. Membership is limited. 

Memberships are billed on a monthly basis. Once you sign up, I will contact you within a couple of days with your login details. If you are unable to use Paypal, let me know and we can see if there is an alternative.


The Newsletters keep you moving in the right direction. Members get them 3x each week. What’s inside the newsletters?

Special Courses

Learn how to become the authority in your own life. Members have access to the Peerless Series. 

Private consultation

Membership offers so many benefits, but when you need personal attention in a completely private session, consultations are available. I accept a limited number of requests for private consultation by email or phone. Sessions provide an uncompromising dose of clarity in a supportive environment.



She is brilliant at cutting through years of accumulated mental and emotional clutter, i.e., deprogramming the mind of harmful and compulsive thought patterns and loops that many of us have but may not be aware of. I would often call her The Laser, as she could effortlessly see through my defense mechanisms and avoidance techniques no matter how sophisticated, and would always gently and compassionately lead me back to myself. I always felt truly seen and heard, and always without judgment.