Is Breatharianism (Inedia) Contagious?

If you are inedic, you may notice a strange thing: people who spend time with you suddenly don’t feel hungry anymore.  Even if they didn’t set out to follow your lead, you may have inadvertently transferred this energy to them.  So, is inedia contagious?

So far I’ve had two people who are close to me tell me that they have experienced changes in their eating, which they attribute, somehow, to me.

A close friend of mine, who has struggled with weight all her life, shared with me that for some months now, she loses her appetite (and an unusual amount of weight) when she comes to visit me for the weekend. The effect goes away when she leaves. She comes to visit once a month or so, and usually stays for a night or two.

This could be some kind of placebo or psycho somatic phenomena, of course. So I decided to do an experiment. Without telling her, on her next visit I pulled my energy in and set the intention to shield her from the “inedic” energy.

She arrived expecting to lose her appetite and weight, as this had been happening consistently for a while. When mealtimes arrived, she was surprised (and a bit annoyed!) to find that she was hungry. She actually ate quite a bit during her visit, and I said nothing about my shielding until she was packing up to leave.

With her permission, I decided to do some more experiments. I wanted to see if I could “send” this inedic energy to her at a distance, or if it was dependent on proximity.

I told her that sometime over the next ten days I would send her the inedic energy. I didn’t tell her when, but I got her to agree to keep a journal every day to track her appetite, including sudden increases in desire for food, especially “naughty” foods that she would most likely try to refrain from eating.

Why track an increase in eating, especially off reservation foods? Because many people who have weight issues exhibit a perverse reaction to being liberated from their bodily appetites, and will snap into a rebellious eating binge as a response.

After the ten days, I asked her to share her findings, and they matched exactly the times I sent her the energy.

What does this prove? Well, nothing, yet. Just because something happened once doesn’t give a clear picture of what is causing it. There are too many factors to account for, such as the close relationship we have. I don’t know if this would work with strangers.

Another person who is close to me recently asked me if I had “sent her inedic energy” without telling her. Of course, I would never do that, not intentionally! I think it is important to gain a person’s permission to do things like that, though I fully admit that all kinds of things just happen, outside of any intention.

She had suddenly experienced a significant decrease in appetite. This was beneficial, since she had gotten into the habit of overeating for the past several months. But I had not intentionally sent her anything, so this may be another case of proximity and close relationship.

The first friend that I mentioned went on to take up a very healthy and light new eating regimen and has been steadily losing an amazing amount of weight, dropping dress sizes, which is really exciting.  At this rate her overweight, which has been intractable her entire life, will all be gone in just a few months. The last we spoke, she said she was losing nearly a pound per day, without any great effort. This is astounding, and doesn’t really seem “possible.”

I’m not sure how this works, but I’m intrigued. I’d love to try this experiment with someone I’ve never met and see if there is any difference.


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  1. Hey – that’s great. I’m an Inedic and right now, no-one seems to be able to be around me. Same for hearing me. I’m between sets of friends at moment and new contacts are coming of like-vibration. Anyhow, I think I know what happened there…..I believe – you, your higher self and spirit teams held the energy of being nourished by prana and reflected it to them. They will have received it on their higher levels. Very cool!

    • Carl E Thacker

      Aloha, I found a beautiful collection of journals at scenic point after dark. I looked through a few and was happy to see the good words that were written and I found this name, so here I am curious as to why I came across… And now I know. I love the synchronicity’s. As I left another man was pulling up right in front of those journals and I asked him to take a look, and then he said “thanks man blessings to you”. Eddie Thacker

  2. Shape Shifter


    In agreement with Carole, here, with regards to living quietly. There is no need to broadcast what is achieved on your end. Stick to forums for now and, if you are serious about the subject, genuinely seek out those in yoga and/or meditation communities. Wait for the subject to come up ‘lightly’ (no pun intended 😉 This is a real achievement made on your end, and it is likely your path is being re-directed. With that said, under the principle of “Everything is Energy” do not give others potential ‘ammunition’ to label you. Labels, generalizations, stereotypes, etc are all used by the Egoic mind to categorize (its taught by ‘society’). Adopt a bit of a “fight club” mentality – you aren’t your… Anything. You just “are.” Ask and ye will receive – the Universe will respond if you truly seek allies in this venture. But, remember, it is OK to leave things be and simply say “no thank you.” No need to explain. If you can’t get out of harping social scenarios revolving around food, then walk alone. “It is better to walk alone than in the company of those who hinder your progress.” Buddha Be brave and put on your big kid pants. Trying to explain everything to everyone is a lost cause. Choose who you tell very wisely, if at all. And, simply take time to enjoy the achievement that has presented itself to you – it just “is.”


    Shape Shifter

  3. I’m researching how to become inedia. I’m at a loss. I did see a video where a woman said she gained her inedia just by watching a video of a master and the ability transferred to her and now she does classes in England where she transfers her ability to others. Interviews with those participants say it works. I believe the video is called In The Beginning There Was Light. I had thought about going there to piggy back off her, so to speak. Have you thought about working with others to help them develop their own ability? I’d like to try, though it would probably have to be a distance thing. If it worked, I’d be willing to compensate you financially for this.

  4. Oh and as a sort of PS, I had been trying to focus my energy to be a vibrational match to inedias as a way of bring that energy and perhaps ability into my body. So the fact that this worked with your friends makes me wonder if there is a conscious effort to exchange energy the way friends tend to do. Perhaps my trying to be a vibrational match has led me to this and now other similar sites when before i couldn’t find anything. So I’m wondering if the effort must somehow be on both sides as a conscious or even unconscious energy melding.

  5. the questioner

    Wow. That’s so amazing : ) Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating experience. Would love to learn more about your journey to inedia. I am very interested myself once I learned that it was an actual way of life for some people I felt like I was home, like some part of me just knew there was more. Love and light, Trina

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