Hot Drinks For Breatharians In Winter

I’ve recently decided to let myself become fully inedic, and live a lifestyle that is free from eating.  I live in a cold winter climate, though, and have been wanting something hot to sip on.

Since the inedic lifestyle is not about denying yourself that which you really want, but more about relaxing into full liberation, if you are similarly longing for a food-related experience, you should definitely find something suitable.  In my case, that would be something healthful and hot, that doesn’t contain “food” that my intestines will then be forced to digest. So I definitely don’t want any fibre.

So far, I’ve been enjoying the following drinks this winter to great effect.

Hot water with a slice of Meyer lemon

I always drink purified, filtered water…never tap. The lemon is organic (actually, I grow them from dwarf Meyer lemon trees on my balcony), and I leave the skin on.  If you are buying lemons, prefer Meyers and always buy organic. If you can’t find Meyers, it will still work. But do make sure you always wash the skins of store-bought lemons before slicing them into your drink.

To this you can add all sorts of lovely things, if you are inclined. I enjoy a sprig of fresh mint; a tiny thin slice of ginger; if you are okay with the taste, a thin slice of fresh turmeric root; organic lemon balm (fresh or dried); organic lavender flowers (do make sure if you buy them rather than grow them, that you are buying culinary lavender and not the potpourri kind). I usually only add one of these to the lemon water at a time, except for lavender/lemon balm, which is very nice together.

If you are adding dried herbs, you will need to strain them after they have brewed.

Kombu broth

This is not for everyone, but if you like the taste of seaweed, this is a gorgeous hot drink. Just simmer some purified water on the stove in a covered pot with some dried kombu added. After 15 minutes, remove from heat and put the kombu pieces in a glass container. When the seaweed is cool, you can put it in the refrigerator and use it several more times.

Ladle the hot sea broth into a mug and enjoy! You can make it as strong or weak as you like. Mine is quite green.

Apple cider

Well, it’s not really! But adding a tablespoon of fresh pressed apple juice and a squirt of lemon to boiling water from the kettle is very satisfying and feels festive.

How on earth can you press such a small amount of juice, you ask? Indeed, you cannot. So I use my juicer to press three apples and one lemon (this is a good ratio), and then I freeze them in ice cube trays. When I want a hot drink, I simply add one frozen cube to a large mug and fill with boiling hot water. Easy.

Fresh ginger & turmeric

Peel and slice an inch of fresh ginger and fresh turmeric and place in your mug. Add boiling hot water and a squeeze of raw local honey. This is spicy and delicious, but fresh turmeric is very staining! If you get it on your fingers, wash them right away or they will stain orange. Same with your teeth…after you are done with your drink, rinse your mouth out with fresh water. Ginger is very warming, from the inside out.

Not everyone likes fresh turmeric, so if you prefer, just use ginger. Whatever you do, don’t use dried ginger or turmeric! It will taste bitter and horrid. Fresh is best.


It’s nice to have options for yourself if you invite friends or family over for tea or whatever. I’m still not sure exactly why, but seeing you consume anything (other than just water) will be enormously comforting to others.


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