Confessions of a Geosensitive

Siddhis From Hell.

Today we had a powerful earthquake off the coast of California. I reflected gratefully upon the fact that I did not feel it. Not the shaking, mind you. Californians remain sanguine when their teacups rattle on the shelves. No. I mean feel it.

You see, one of the many bizarre changes I went through after spiritual awakening was becoming exquisitely, excruciatingly sensitive to seismic activity. A pressure would start building inside my body, gaining in intensity until the quake finally happened, at which point I felt like I was being electrocuted. A single earthquake would take me nearly two days to physically process. I couldn’t sleep and the pain was torture. The furthest quake I clocked was a thousand miles away.

Since I live in an area famous for its seismic activity, this was basically going on non-stop. And I never knew if the quake would actually hit where I lived. I was always braced for the Big One.

This went on for a little over a year. While it was happening, I didn’t know if it was permanent or not. It was pretty horrible. One day it was gone. Just as I don’t know why it came, I have no idea why it ceased. Today I read that there was a large earthquake nearby and I was delighted to learn about it in this way, as opposed to having spent the last 24 hours actually feeling it in my body as the tension built up.

Seriously, I wish there was some kind of menu of post-enlightenment “powers” we could choose from. Teleportation? YES! Geosensitivity? Noooo.


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  1. garth says:

    Maybe our dear Mother Earth is increasing her vibration and going through a Kundalini Awakening too 😉

  2. Srini says:

    I went through a period of being sensitive to people and even dogs. I’d grow quite ill if I was in the company of someone greedy, angry, selfish or a whole host of rather common emotional patterns one finds in the world. Once I also grew quite ill while petting a dog, I couldn’t tell why, but I could feel his energy was quite bad for me. After struggling with this for several months the universe guided me to rudraksha beads, wearing two garlands of rudraksha beads greatly helped with calming this sensitivity.

    Even though I appeared to be non-judgmental as far as I could tell, there must definitely have been a seed of judgment somewhere in my consciousness that irritated my body during these people encounters.

    It went away after a period of 8 months or so, so perhaps that seed got sufficiently whittled down.

    I still remain sensitive to some other things. Like I don’t really need to read books anymore as much as pick them up to know the mind of the writer.

    I once ordered a couple of books from amazon written by a young man who’d quit a lucrative career to become a monk. He seemed genuine, but I couldn’t quite tell from reading the amazon blurb, so I ordered the books to check them out. I didn’t even have to unwrap the amazon package, merely holding it in my hand made me feel ill. Needless to say I returned them. On another occasion I ordered a couple of translations of the Ashtavakra Gita from Amazon, and I lapsed into deep meditation even as I was unwrapping the books.

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