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Mind Control: Digestive Biome

News Flash: Microorganisms living in your gut get you to eat certain things at certain times via mind control. HOLY BASIL! Did I really just say that? If you are still with me, if you weren’t instantly incinerated by the weirdness of that statement, congratulations…and let’s get on with it. When you eat, you feed…


Living Without Food and Fear

As you approach the threshold of a Breatharian or inedic lifestyle, you may encounter a wall of primal fear. After my initial spiritual awakening I found I could only eat one midday meal each day. This was a departure, not only from my normal eating habits, but from all I knew about nutrition and how…


Breatharian Lifestyle, Eating Disorders and Having a Social Life

If you’re a breatharian, and I hate that term, so let’s say you’re an inediate, how do you manage to have a social life?  How will people react to your abstinence from food?  These are questions you will eventually have to deal with if you are going to live without eating. Let’s face it, most…

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Is Breatharianism (Inedia) Contagious?

If you are inedic, you may notice a strange thing: people who spend time with you suddenly don’t feel hungry anymore.  Even if they didn’t set out to follow your lead, you may have inadvertently transferred this energy to them.  So, is inedia contagious? So far I’ve had two people who are close to me…


Spontaneous Inedia And Spiritual Awakening

Sudden enlightenment can bring on a host of Siddhis you may have heard nothing about. I suddenly became an inedic, which some people refer to as Breatharian, or living on light or prana. Some people work very hard to achieve this state, but if, like me, you haven’t, then it can be quite unsettling, not…