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reversing energy pathways

Sex After Enlightenment: Reversal Of Energy

I don’t know about you, but my wood chopping and water carrying days were pretty much completed a couple incarnations ago. This blog will stick to topics I face in my modern life, such as post awakening dinner parties and the quirks of marital sex after sudden spiritual enlightenment. Kundalini is a huge topic that we’ll …

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kriyas kundalini rising

Don’t Let The Kriyas Get You Down

If you are undergoing sudden spiritual enlightenment, don’t be alarmed if you start making sounds, chanting, singing and doing odd postures.  It’s called krias, baby! Let the Kundalini roll. It may start with a sound that you hear simultaneously “outside” your head as well as vibrating inside your body.  Then, before you know it, the …

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spiritual enlightenment sex

Enlightenment: Sex, Desire & Time

Ever wonder what post enlightenment sex is like?  Concepts like Brahmacharya now make perfect sense, but not as a struggle against sex or desire. Sudden enlightenment has taught me a lot about how the desire-mind governs our sexual desire through the perception of time.  If I could draw, I would present you two images: your …

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