Awakening Q&A: How Do I Get Stuff Done?

Questions and answers about sudden enlightenment and daily functioning. How do you get stuff done?


Q: I’m finding it so hard to get my brain working at times.

I had to sit down and write a hundred word statement for something the other day and I really couldn’t get it together. there are massive gaps in my brain. i can do this kind of writing (emailing), as it is more chatty, but anything more concrete is really hard. i’m also finding it really hard to get anything done. days go by and all i’ve done is sit and zone out to this other space.

– i know it is all about ‘being’ but as it is all so new it is taking some time to adjust. How do you ‘do’ things? how do you get normal things done, let alone the slightly bigger things? Do you force yourself to concentrate – though even that isn’t working for me at the moment!

A: First, it sounds like you are really early in the process. I’ve been working with this for years, and it’s still a challenge.

I know what you mean about the brain not working. I could not read sometimes. I would look at a book or a document or a menu and I could see the letters, but it was as though I had never learned to read…I did not recognize what I was looking at. The brain is wiping itself clean. And please, take care not to take my analogies too seriously. I just am reaching for words and images that help you to understand, but don’t take anything I say too literally. Your brain, nervous system, everything is being wiped clean and upgraded.

There were times when I would be riding my motorbike and the distinction between the road and myself would disappear. Everything would disappear. I was perceiving not through vision, but through vibration. That is really the best way I can explain it. I returned to normal vision sometime later, but time seemed to have stopped so it was hard to say how long it went on.

Somehow I managed not to do anything wacky during those times. The automatic part of our brain can take care of a lot of stuff while we are out in the Void. Imagine how many times you have driven home and didn’t even remember the last few miles because you were so caught up in some daydreaming or thinking. It’s just like that. If the body can drive you home when your mind is completely somewhere else, to some extent the same can be accomplished when your mind is silent and your consciousness is expanding outward. It’s not perfect, but no one watching me drive would have been the least bit aware that I could not even see the road anymore.

I tell you these things to let you know I completely empathize with how perplexing it can be. As far as I can tell, this is a process. Once you enter into it, it needs to run its course. The good news is, according to my experience, it gets easier. The first part is the hardest. So as much as possible, go with it. Let go. It’s like a chemical reaction or like giving birth, once it starts, it runs its course.

Here is some advice I can offer you:

Don’t hold on to maintaining business as usual. The mind wants to hold on to how things should be instead of seeing how things ARE. You can work with how things are, always. There is always room to work with it. But if you are dealing with a mental construct of how things should be, how can you work with that? It’s not even real, just an idea, so it’s very brittle, you can’t see the whole range of choices.

Clear your desk. By that I mean really go through your list of things you need to do and prioritize. Is there anything you can put off, eliminate, get someone else to do?  Clear out the non-essentials.  At this point, probably everything is feeling really non-essential to you! This is not business as usual, so to whatever degree you can, let go of these responsibilities. If you had been in an accident and broken bones, you would simply not expect yourself to do certain things while you were in a cast.  Your mind may be in a cast at the moment, so act accordingly. Don’t cling to status quo, it may be beyond you at the moment.

Ask for help.  If you are going through this, you are not alone. There are generous, caring and very advanced beings who can help you. They won’t interrupt the process, but they may be able to ease the way. If there are things you need to get done, ask them to help you. I was not familiar with any, so I asked Avalokita, since I grew up a Buddhist. And I also asked an ascended Master. I had never even heard of them, but I read about them online so I tried it. All I can say is that they seem real and they are very helpful.

Work around it. Is there a time of day when you are more able to do mundane tasks? If so, try to work around this. Maybe right after eating? In the morning? Whatever it is, if there is a window of time where you tend to be more grounded, try to use that for your most urgent tasks.

Ground. I know exactly what you mean about having your consciousness way up there. This is normal and is happening for a reason, it’s part of the process.

If you find you are way too disengaged to write or whatever, you can ask for help grounding and send down your root into the earth and invite your mind to come back just for the task. I’m really not sure how well this will work in the beginning, because the upward and outward forces are so powerful. But it’s worth a try. Connect with the vibration or spirit of Gaia in present time and ask her to hold you anchored long enough to engage in your task. This is not something I actually tried at the time, but I do use this now that things are calmer. I’m uncertain how effective it will be in the beginning phase.

Maybe you don’t need to use your mind. There were many times that I just sat down and did things and had nearly no awareness of what I was doing. In the end, papers got signed, letters written, business conducted. I have no idea how. But I also did not care how, I did not require an explanation. I was not attached to an outcome. I actually ended up being weirdly efficient, but I had given up any notion that it was me doing anything. Things happened. I stayed out of the way.

See if you can activate Mind. This is not your mind, but just Mind. It’s like a super computer and you can relax around this Mind and let it work, but you have to hold it very lightly, not be serious about it. Play and curiosity will work much better than force. I don’t know that you can force yourself to concentrate or focus. That had never really occurred to me. I would see something needed to be done, I would sit in front of the computer, or whatever, and let the action move through me without being too involved. I held it lightly. I asked questions without expecting any answers. Things seemed to work out. Ultimately, you are not the doer, the Universe (or whatever)  is doing through you.

I asked for a lot of help. Someone gave me Tolle’s Power Of Now book after my experience and I was a little dismayed to learn he had been homeless for a couple of years after his awakening. Blissfully homeless to be sure, but homeless and begging, nonetheless. I had a family to take care of, so I asked that it not go that way for me. It does not have to.


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  1. Hey, nice website so thanks for putting all this out there. It helps. I’m going through an awakening and wondering how long it will be before I can provide for myself again. I’ve come to understand that fears of homelessness and poverty seem to be part of the process as well as seeing through fantasies of wealth, or even an average wage. Anyway as regards Tolle I don’t think he was ever homeless or begged. He had a job but he spent his free time on park benches watching the world go by. I always thought the way he presented this time was disingenuous and something a few unwary souls could misunderstand and follow into an uncomfortable place. Personally I still feel vulnerable hence the lengthy time on the couch although I’m prone to the odd park bench too. Good luck to everybody.

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