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Beautiful Sleepwalkers

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Boredom and distraction on the spiritual path

Most people have no idea how their minds actually work. If you aren’t using your mind intentionally, something else will use it for you. When… Read more

Thought Loops: Self Regulation Starts With Your Thoughts

Self regulation is not the same as self control, will power or discipline. Many of you have expressed an interest in exploring the topic of… Read more

Reclaim Your Mind and Emotions From Thought Loops

Compulsive thought loops are so pervasive that we believe they are a normal part of being human. While they are common, they are definitely not… Read more


You guys ask the greatest questions.
Check out the Reader Dialogues.

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Q&A: Am I Wasting My Potential?

Let’s explore this potent question of living up to, or wasting, one’s potential. Once we get that out of the way, we can actually get closer to the heart of the pain and confusion you are experiencing. Think about the word itself: potential. It is built on the Latin root… Read more

Q&A: What’s The Endgame?

Today we talk about the swag bag of enlightenment. And what happens when your bag is empty. Why does it seem that your spiritual quest should result in s swag bag of goodies? Specifically: Connectedness To what do you wish to be “connected”? Other people? Why do you want to… Read more

Reality Check: People IRL

Why is the reality of dealing with individual people in real life so different than how we feel about people in general? That love is real, and is amazing. But when you are dealing with a person, specifically, you are dealing mostly with the friction of your persona on their… Read more

Q&A: Figuring Out Who is Enlightened and Who is Not and How to Become Enlightened

Charlatans, damn charlatans. How does one become enlightened?  It’s totally normal for you to try to accredit the awakened status of various people who claim to be awakened. From my perspective, this is just a quirky thing that Sleepwalkers do. It’s like a Tinder thing….yes, no, left, right, swipe, swipe,… Read more

Survival Guide

“I’ve seen through the illusion of self. Now what?”
Exactly. How do you live after spiritual enlightenment?
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It’s Just a Phase

How not to end up in a spiritual niche or dead end after spiritual awakening. Whatever your perspective of the moment, it’s just a phase, if you let it be. This applies to the insights and experiences you enjoy as well as the ones you don’t. For those of you… Read more

Fledgling Fascination with the No Self

Get over your {no} self! Let’s face it, apprehending that you are not a Self and that the Self you always took for granted as being real is just a sock puppet you carry around with you is pretty mind blowing. But it can also bring on an awkward phase… Read more

How to Engage in Life Again

After spiritual awakening, you may spend some time in the Hermit’s Cave. If it’s been a long time, you may be asking how can I have a life again? Whether it’s a literal retreat from the world a la Himalayan monastic cell or moving back into your mom’s house while… Read more

Sex & Kundalini

What is sex like for spiritually enlightened people?

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Does Eating Food Affect the Process of Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening?

Here’s a question from a reader about the effect of eating, or not eating, on the flow of Kundalini and the spiritual process. Q: Diet… Read more

Sex After Enlightenment: Reversal Of Energy

I don’t know about you, but my wood chopping and water carrying days were pretty much completed a couple incarnations ago. This blog will stick to… Read more

Don’t Let The Kriyas Get You Down

If you are undergoing sudden spiritual enlightenment, don’t be alarmed if you start making sounds, chanting, singing and doing odd postures.  It’s called krias, baby!… Read more


What kind of powers do you gain after spiritual enlightenment?
You call these…powers? It’s mostly just a freaky out of control pain in the /ass/. At least, until you get it under control. 

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Guardian Angels: Saving Lives, Sometimes

Getting out of a dangerous situation. Where is your guardian angel when you need him? I rented a scooter during a three month stay in Indonesia. Driving of any sort in SE Asia is a terrifying endeavor. For western-trained motorcyclists, riding around without proper riding gear in an environment where… Read more

Confessions of a Geosensitive

Siddhis From Hell. Today we had a powerful earthquake off the coast of California. I reflected gratefully upon the fact that I did not feel it. Not the shaking, mind you. Californians remain sanguine when their teacups rattle on the shelves. No. I mean feel it. You see, one of… Read more

Unconditional Love

What is it? How do I get some? I had a vision the other day. It was so powerful that it kind of knocked me out for several days, meaning I went into a kind of blank trance while it continued to roll through me. Good thing I don’t have… Read more

Help me keep writing like a real human being. I can’t do it without you!

It’s almost impossible to find me through Google Search. If you want to please Google, you have to write in a very specific way: like a robot.

Have you noticed how many times writeres repeat the same phrase over and over, as if they got caught in some kind of mental loop? They write like this on purpose because Google loves it, and it pays to be loved by Google.

I think it’s dumb, and it makes for awful writing. So help me write in a human style, a natural style—while respecting you, my worthy readers by not slapping you over and over with the same keyword phrase.

This only works if you share links to this site with friends, in forums and via social media. Google doesn’t love me, but that’s okay…as long as you’re willing to step up and help.