Spontaneous spiritual awakening can be messy.

For some awakening is a sudden, dramatic and irreversible shift of awareness that can come with a host of changes for which there is little context for understanding. There’s no point becoming attached to these experiences, they appear and they change. No big deal…ultimately.

If it’s happening to you, it can be quite a bumpy, messy ride. But you’re not alone. Especially if you’re experiencing extreme physical changes or psychic phenomena, an overwhelming lack of motivation or an oppressive feeling that there is no point to life.

I don’t want to encourage a spiritual circus. Spiritual enlightenment is not about inedia, siddhis, or even bliss. But if you are experiencing a dramatic shift and your life is in upheaval, this site will bring you some comfort, guidance and clarity.


When did you have your sudden spiritual enlightenment experience?

2005.  I was walking in the woods one night, thinking a bunch of snarky thoughts about how much I dislike camping…and BAM. I literally stepped into a new dimension of reality. Everything changed in that one moment. But that was just the beginning—the party was only getting started.

To what do you attribute your enlightenment experience?

I have no idea. It just happened.

Was it a magical trail I walked that night in the woods? Was it what I ate, or the yoga sessions I did every Monday night? It’s so tempting to look for a cause, if for no other reason than to look for clues that might guide others to the same state. But honestly, there was nothing.

Why publish this website?

Several people who were trying to navigate their own turbulent awakenings asked me to. I wish I had access to this guidance when I was going through the first changes. At the time it seemed like all the Westerners who had gone through sudden enlightenment spent some time living on a park bench or some other form of falling apart.

I had a family to take care of, and I dislike park benches anyway. I’m here to give you practical, secular advice and encouragement.

Can we talk on the phone, or Skype or meet in person? I’m in crisis!

No. I’m not a crisis counselor. I am a private person. For people not in crisis who want to work with me, start here.

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What’s your message? What is your teaching?

I did not wake up to find myself tasked with delivering a message or teaching. I have none. This site is not about imparting secret or esoteric knowledge gained through enlightenment, nor is it a vehicle for self expression. The topics I choose to write about are not issues that I need to get off my chest or things that I need to share. People ask me questions and I answer them. This site is an ongoing archive of my answers to readers’ questions.

If I did have a message to deliver, it would be simply this: I woke up spontaneously and instantaneously—and experienced a lot of very bizarre and unexpected side effects. Some of them were quite debilitating. There are all kinds of post enlightenment pitfalls and adjustments, but over a decade on, I’m fine. That’s not a very lofty message, is it?

And yet, if this is happening to you and you’re wondering if you are going crazy or dying, or if this whole process is going to leave you ruined and unable to even take care of yourself because you just can’t function as you used to and the changes keep coming so fast and some of them are so weird and overwhelming…this is the only message  you need to hear.

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I disagree with you! You confuse me!

No worries.  Some sections of this site are addressed exclusively to the newly enlightened.  If you are not newly enlightened, it’s quite understandable that you will not understand what I’m writing, or you will want to debate it.

I’m not interested.  However, you might want to check out the sections that are specifically for you, such as the Beautiful Sleepwalkers category.

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